We’re bid specialists. That’s it.

We know the task in hand.
For over 15 years we’ve learnt to know it well.

The bravest are those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet go boldly out to meet it. We’ll work tirelessly to support you through the most important and toughest challenges you’re bidding to win.

Have you been given the most important bid your organisation has? Are people depending on you to win for their futures? That’s good, you’re in the right place. Our clients come to Blue Edge when they have their biggest and most important project all the time.

Our clients already know they won’t win with mild manners and muted aspiration. These projects have even bigger ambitions, which requires leaders in thinking, in acting; those who are brave enough to forge a path to success.

“You’ll always miss 100% of the
shots you don’t take.”

Wayne Gretzky

Have you...

...that’s what we’d do.

Start early, bring the challenge

We believe everyone needs a challenge to do better than before.

If you’re already talking to your client, you’re next to them to affect change.

Your clients are already making decisions about what they want, probably for a long time before they start any procurement process. If you are with them, regularly communicating, you’ll be part of their wider picture and instrumental in making a positive effect.

We take these first steps together with you, getting under the skin of your project. We’ll listen, dissect, challenge and cajole. It’s right at this point where real discoveries are made. The insights we gain from this, propel us on to win.

We may ask, “Should I even be bidding for this project?” Or, “Why do I care?” When you have these answers, you’ll be closer to understanding your real advantages.

Go on, make early gains, let’s start right now.

Ideology, strategy, action

Making a culture of possible.

We’ll bind your bid team together by listening. Listening hard. Successful bid teams are not passive spectators who go through the motions. They are fired up, determined to do something amazing. They have a united understanding and a sense of purpose.

We’ll analyse your cultural dynamic, listening to your collective and individual perspectives. We’ll define a coherent bid strategy and bring it to life in a creative campaign that inspires and leads people to great achievements. Embedded in your team, or advising from the sidelines, our experience gives you a winning advantage.

Tone up your voice

It’s not about loud, it’s about proud.

To really stand out from the competition, you need to stand for something. Stand tall and aim high. We’ll capture the essence of your team, of your desire to be exceptional. Giving voice to your bid submission allows your target audience to judge you by a perceptual framework.

If you’re the team who holds a mirror to your client’s aspiration, it’ll be tough not to score you more highly, to want you more than all the rest. Our campaigns go straight to the heart of the matter, cutting through the usual bid chatter.

Like this badge.

We work through every opportunity, every twist and turn of the bid. Bid management, answer planning, writing, reviewing, presenting. They’re all way-markers on the road to a successful submission, you can’t afford to pass any of them without proper scrutiny.

We’ll find the essence of your offer, turning it into answers which are right on target. We guarantee all that detail does not become your death knell. How about a graphic that says it all, without using a single letter of your word count?

Go further

So, you’ve finished have you?

In our mind, it’s never over until we’ve looked at every possible opportunity to do better. Even though you’ve made your submission, your final face-to-face presentation can win or lose it for you. Your client wants to sit across from people they trust, people they want to work with, people who reflect the values they most respect.

Your client is looking to a future well beyond this submission, somewhere better than now. All this means your focus should be on the future, as it’s there you’ll be measured on success, or not. A win for you, should be a win for all.