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People at the heart of it

Like you, we’re happiest as a team united; having fun, growing, getting creative and doing good work.

When the best people put their heads together, there’s not much that can’t be achieved. We work hard to empower you and your teams to build success together.

Blue Edge Values

Our Community

People are at the heart of our purpose. We’re building better communities for today and tomorrow. Supporting an equal society for all.

Bold and Brave

We thrive on challenge and change. A flexible approach to the way we work and think, enables us to move fast and forge ahead.

Growing Stronger

A voracious appetite to know more binds us together. The recognition that we’ll always have more to learn, allows us to build on our expertise and keep moving forward.

Gardeners of the Galaxy

Every day, we strive to make our thoughts and actions planet-friendly. We’ll nurture and tend to the world and its people today for a brighter tomorrow.

Our ethos

Founded in 2003 by Andy, with the ambition to change an industry, Blue Edge was created to open our clients’ minds to ‘what can be’ when it came to bidding.

Our focus on the bigger picture helped to communicate their vision and gave voice to the dream the end-client had. This new approach helped our clients win £30Bn of project work in the first few years of working together.

To bolster our service, we searched for the best and most passionate bid writers, designers and managers we could find, reaching talent our clients might not expect. Our collective now includes journalists, nobel prize winners, teachers, sector experts and more. It takes a whole team to reflect the right messages, and communicate as the warm, capable, great people we are – not just words on a page.