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Let’s not stay the same or try to preserve what currently is. We need better, we need to be brave, we need change – collectively.

Our Act On programme incorporates four support services or products which incorporate the best in social sustainability research to start all acting on the key issues facing us as a global community.

With up to 30% of scores in bids now focusing on sustainability and social value how will you communicate to your teams and your clients your aims? How do you answer honestly and with measurable commitment?

We need to make real change to our daily practices. The projects we all work on must embed new ways of working to regenerate from the damage done to our people and planet for a brighter, more equal future.

We are focusing on:

  • Practically applying circular economy methods and thinking
  • Innovations for the materials of the future
  • Embedding the environment in all areas of work and not as a standalone silo

We are focusing on:

  • Recognising and hearing all voices
  • Citizen-based design
  • Impactful community engagement (no tick boxes here!)

We are focusing on:

  • Achieving B Corp accreditation for Blue Edge
  • Changing UK law and influencing policy makers
  • Practicing what we preach

We won’t win work with mild manners and muted aspirations. The projects we bid for have increasingly big ambitions, which need leaders in thinking and in acting; those who win forge the path to success. Blue Edge brings thought-leadership, challenge and actions to propel you forwards.

Success in the next 20 years will come down to truly changing how we operate as an ecosystem (humanity) within an ecosystem (planet). Let’s join forces to make the changes and make them meaningful.

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