A Return Ticket?

21st September 2021 | Lee Salvidge, Creative Director

We like to ask ourselves, why do our clients come back time after time?

We are working with one client, French train company Alstom, on a wide portfolio of projects. So, after they won the hugely prestigious ‘Fremtidens Tog’ (Future Trains) project to provide over €1.4 billion of rolling stock to Danish State Railways, we reached out to ask our client why they valued working with us.

Daniel Östlund, Tender Lead at Alstom spoke about how Blue Edge became an integrated part of the bidding team, not just supporting, but crucially challenging how they responded to the bid submission’s questions. Helping the team to keep their focus on the bigger picture, whilst answering very specific technical questions, meant they could mirror the aspirations of Danish Rail.

The team we placed into the middle of the Alstom bid was one of the strongest we have here at Blue Edge. Bid Leads, Writers, Formatters, Designers and Co-ordinators each with the expertise and attitude to stand up and be counted. The right challenge at the right time can only come from a deeply experienced voice.

Creating a strong message to bind and strengthen the submission is a core part of our offering, as we know our clients’ key messages need to stand out and be heard. The campaign narrative and visual impact needs to be unforgettable to the end client, as that’s how they will identify a bidder amongst the multitude of themes and answers from technical to financial to social.

The messages which we equipped the Alstom team with, went beyond just the written pages of the submission however, as they came through in the pride our client’s team took being involved in this very special project. The messages that underpinned the submission got both them and us, fired up to win.

The new benchmark for winning procurements is the Danish ‘New Trains’ project, but the challenge we provide is still right in the heart of Alstom’s bidding teams, as we’re never far from a winning proposal submitted by Alstom.

Watch this space.

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