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Brave New World

13th Oct 2021

A brave new world, or a place for the privileged few? Could the future of our urban realm be truly egalitarian, given the huge costs involved when building in a sustainable and inclusive way?


A Return Ticket

12th Sept 2021

We love working on rail projects, as challenging as they can be. We must do, as recently we’ve been doing loads of them. But more importantly, we’ve been winning loads of them. High Speed, Intercity and Metro all over Europe.


The Next Normal

9th June 2021

As the nation’s office workers sip tea and load up their next Zoom calls, a quiet revolution is brewing.
We don’t want our work lives to “return to normal”. We want to come back better. With better systems, better processes, and better haircuts. Vive la revolution.


Circular Economies. What’s the big (green) deal?

15th March 2021

We are showing our clients how to bid brave and incorporate support for the Circular Economy into their bid responses.


It’s not just Monday,
or January.

4th February 2021

We feel like it’s time to talk about something life-changing which happens 7 days a week. We’re talking about Death.


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